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Patio Covers, Pergolas and Arbors

Cedar Arbor

Budget Fence N Deck is your number one source for a new patio cover, pergola or arbor. 


A patio cover or arbor is a great way to add on to your outdoor living space. A patio cover is a covered roof commonly covered with asphalt shingles that provides added shade. Common roof styles are gable (a frame) or slanted such as a shed roof. To reduce costs corrugated plastic or sheet metal can be used as well however the shingled roof is the most popular and brings the most value when upgrading your home for resale. Shingles can be installed that match your current roof on your house. A cover adds the most shade and protects you from the rain so that you can entertain outdoors. 


Most people prefer to have their patio cover built using western red cedar lumber, but in order to reduce costs pressured treated lumber is a good solution. The pressured treated lumber is a little more green and lighter in color and aestheically not as pleasing to the eye, but holds up in the weather very well. The dimension of the lumber varies largely due to the look, style and how far you plan to span from post to post. The further the distance the heavier the beam needs to be and the posts have to accommodate for the weight as well. This can be acomplished by using 4x4 or 6x6 posts. Of the 2 choices 6x6 posts are used most often. Metal can also be used and then boxed using a fence picket. 


The underside of the patio cover can be open beam or closed. Cedar pickets are a good way of concealing the plywood and it gives it natural look that matches the rest of the style well. Staining the patio cover adds to the longevity of its life and keeps the wood from turning gray. 


A pergola is like a patio cover with a shed style slanted roof that is open beam and with either 2x2 or 2x4 slats on the top. It is much like an arbor, however is its much larger in size has 4 freestanding posts. Is is more commonly used for entertaining spaces. An arbor is usually much smaller and is used in an area such as a garden and has has its sides enclosed with lattice for plants got hang from. An arbor is no used as a cover. 

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