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The Best Way to Help Loved Ones Age in Place

Aging in place is often the ideal housing situation for healthy senior citizens. To remain at home in a safe and secure manner may require some modifications that will make the home easier to access and navigate. Budget Fence and Deck can be an exceptional resource when it comes to creating or repairing decking that’s safe and secure for your older loved ones.

Benefits of Staying at Home

It can be difficult for seniors to make a transition into assisted living, and if their health is such that independent living is still feasible, Visiting Angels says aging in place can be the best option, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Seniors can stay in familiar surroundings, in close proximity to neighbors they know and trust, and be able to keep their pets, personal belongings, and many regular routines in place. It's also much more financially prudent for seniors to stay in their own homes as long as possible, as costs for assisted living can become exorbitant. Of course, if there are memory issues or physical impairments, additional levels of care may be needed.

Making Home Modifications

There are a number of modifications that may be needed for a senior’s home to keep it safe and easy to navigate. According to Retirement Living, much will depend on their unique circumstances. At minimum, if ambulatory help is required in the form of a walker or wheelchair, widening doorways, installing a ramp, and remodeling a kitchen or bathroom for accessibility can be important steps. You’ll also want to be mindful of things like uneven flooring transitions, both inside, and outside on decks and porches. Things like throw rugs can present a slip-and-fall hazard, so you may need to replace them as necessary. Hand grips in showers and stairwells are important, as is adequate lighting, particularly at the top and bottom of stairs.

Smart Home Features

There are a number of smart home features that can make it easier for seniors to age in place, and that will help you rest assured that their safety is being monitored. This might mean installing security lights and features, or a medical alert-type of home system that allows them to seek help in the event of an emergency or fall. You can even install systems that allow them to operate lights, thermostats, and other appliances from a smartphone or watch. If your loved one has special needs, you might inquire about installing an in-home video monitoring feature so you can keep an eye on them or communicate in real-time as necessary. Doorbell cams can also be useful, and staying in touch via regular video conferencing platforms can allow you to monitor their well-being.

Finding a Contractor

Any time you're having home remodeling done, hiring a qualified, licensed, bonded, and insured general contractor is important. You can look at the Better Business Bureau, your state contractor’s association, or get referrals from trusted friends and family. Always ask for an in-home estimate in writing, and get several quotes to ensure you're getting the best price. You'll also want to know exactly how long a project will take. While some time delays are unavoidable, try to hire a contractor that can give you a reasonable time frame and cost projection to work with. You don’t want your loved one’s home to be in disarray for long.

Aging in place has numerous mental, emotional, and health benefits for seniors, and can also be the best financially viable option. Encourage regular well checks and management of chronic conditions to ensure that your loved ones are able to adequately perform activities of daily living in such a way that independent living continues to be possible.

Budget Fence and Deck strives to deliver products based on customer needs and budget. High-quality materials and exceptional workmanship allow the company to offer services with up to a 10-year warranty. Visit the company gallery to view completed projects and reach out for an estimate.

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