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Spruce Up Your House: Summertime Projects for Your Home

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

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Performing a refresh on your home is a rewarding avenue for a fresh start. Summer is a great time to improve your home and give it a nice makeover. Planning out repairs and remodels can help you stay organized and keep your house in top shape for many years to come.

Just like your car, your home requires attention and regular maintenance. Proper maintenance, remodeling, and repair is a way to safeguard your investment but also to ensure your family’s safety and comfort. Budget Fence N Deck explains that the most effective way to save money and time on home repairs is to plan and organize before you take on any projects.

Before you get started, some good measures to take include:

  • Surveying your home for needed repairs such as leaks, plumbing issues, or AC or heating system maintenance.

  • Evaluate small projects you may be able to tackle yourself to spruce up the interior and exterior of the home. This can include painting, simple landscaping, and minor repairs.

  • Assess bigger remodels that can be done to modernize or improve the home. This might include full-room makeovers like redesigning your bathroom and kitchen. Make sure to budget ahead of time.

Begin With DIY Projects

Doing home improvement projects is both rewarding, fulfilling, and cost-effective. Maintaining your home will save money in the long run and spread the costs of remodeling over a longer period of time. This comes in handy if you ever need to sell your home.

Small Repairs

While the way your house looks is important, first consider making necessary repairs that can save you money now or become problems later. Some of these include:

  • Caulking windows and doors

  • Replacing door knobs and locks

  • Fixing ceiling leaks

  • AC and heating system repairs

When doing DIY projects, make sure you prepare and obtain the proper tools and know how to handle them safely. Tools you’ll likely need for small home repairs include hammers and drills. Do some research on the tools you will need and their safety procedures.


Popular Mechanics recommends painting as an effective DIY project that increases the value of your home. A new color and some fresh paint on walls can have a big impact and completely transform a room.


Basic landscaping improves the exterior and the curb appeal of your home. While a basic mowing and trimming is certainly in the DIY realm, it may be time to call in a pro when you want it completed on a regular basis or if you need additional services like lawn treatment. Adding trees or plants to your front yard can go a long way, as does refreshing the paint on your front door. Adding a fire pit or a privacy fence can increase your home’s value and improve the outdoor area.

When to Hire a Pro

There are times you’ll want to save the work for a professional. First, as LifeHacker suggests, assess the risk and potential injury involved. If the project requires messing with electrical, plumbing, or the foundation of your home, it’s usually best to hire a pro. Any major remodel or removing of asbestos or mold definitely requires someone with experience.

According to The Balance, certain home improvements like bathroom and kitchen remodels tend to have a big return and a big impact on your home’s overall value and feel.

  • Kitchen -- One of the most popular kitchen projects includes painting cabinets or replacing cabinets and doors. Consider installing new countertops, sinks, and faucets as a way to make your kitchen more appealing and inviting.

  • Bathroom -- Bathroom upgrades and remodels return nearly 70 percent of the investment. Any number of repairs can be done to a bathroom to improve its look and functionality. These can include new light fixtures, shower doors, and floors. Also, consider upgrading the tub or shower.

When you’re sprucing up your home as inspiration to start fresh, plan ahead and save money in the long run. Whether you’re planning on selling your home in the future or just modernizing it, effective repairs and maintenance will add to your investment while giving you that newness you might be craving.

Budget Fence N Deck delivers a product based on your needs and budget. Because we use quality materials and have exceptional workmanship we offer our services with up to a 10-year warranty. Call us today for a free estimate! (972) 537-7766


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