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Senior Veterans Should Consider These Living Options

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Senior Veterans Should Consider These Living Options

Senior living can mean many different things, from an assisted living community to a home that provides a measure of safety and comfort. If you’re an older adult, it’s crucial to decide which path is the best option for your needs. You might prefer to move to a senior community where staying socially active will be easier, or you may want to stay in your own home and make modifications to ensure your safety as you age in place. Many seniors make the decision to buy a smaller home that better meets their needs.

No matter which option you choose, there’s a lot to think about. With that in mind, Budget Fence N Deck presents some tips for seniors looking to change up their living environment.

Consider how much you can spend

It’s imperative to work out a budget before you start making plans so you’ll have a good idea of how much you can spend, especially if you’re interested in buying a home. Downsizing is a wonderful option for seniors who want the comfort of their own home while saving money. Plan for things like the cost of upkeep, annual taxes and fees, and the down payment. And make sure to include how much you can earn from selling your current home in your budget. Don’t forget to factor in whether you’ll need to make changes to the home for safety. Your best bet here is to work closely with your real estate agent. She will guide you toward the right home updates to sell, as well as the right listings to fit your budget when it’s time to buy.

Make some modifications

Safety changes in a home can mean anything from adding a ramp over steep stairs to updating a bathroom with a grab bar and a curb-free shower. Some modifications are more costly than others, so it’s important to do a little research to figure out what alterations you can make that will both fit your budget and allow you to stay in your home worry-free. Your specific needs play a big role; visually-impaired individuals might add lighting or change the paint scheme around a home to make navigation easier, for instance. One common modification for seniors is a flooring change, such as pulling up carpet to add hardwood or laminate for safer mobility. Also, if your loved one has a deck that’s in disrepair, work with Budget Fence N Deck to ensure the structure is safe enough for them to continue to use.

As a veteran, you may qualify for a grant or other financial assistance that will help pay for these changes, so do a little reading online before you get started.

Consider assisted living

If buying a home and making modifications are both out of the question, consider an assisted living community. These types of residential homes vary in price, but many seniors find that assisted living has many advantages. Not only does it offer social benefits, but it can also allow for a safer environment if you are living with a disability or have mobility challenges. Of course, there’s a lot to think about with this option. For example, you’ll need to consider how to pay for an assisted living community long term. You’ll also need to consider whether you’ll be able to keep your own car and how much help you’ll receive with health care and wellness checks, so give yourself some time to think it over.

There’s also the option of moving to an independent adult community, which is a neighborhood or complex that only allows senior residents. These communities offer the social benefits of assisted living but give older adults the opportunity to continue to live independently.

Keep in mind that if you have a serious health issue that requires supervised care, then a nursing home will be your best and safest option. You and your family can search for affordable and well-reviewed nursing care in Dallas and surrounding areas by visiting a site like SeniorCare.

There are many options out there for senior veterans to live safely and comfortably, but only one that’s right for you. Talk to your family about your decision and do some research online to find out what sort of financial assistance you’re eligible for. Making changes to your living situation can greatly improve your quality of life and will help you remain comfortable and safe at the same time.

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