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Home Office Staging Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Image Source: Pexels

For entrepreneurs planning to start a home-based business, having a home office is a must. In addition to serving as a place for work, it also doubles as the venue for meeting clients, and organizing events. This article by Budget Fence N Deck explores a few simple ways entrepreneurs can stage their office to impress clients and design the perfect workspace.

Create a Separate Entrance

Having your office located on the first floor will provide guests easy access without the need of entering other parts of your home. This will also help your family maintain privacy during client visits. A garage can serve as the perfect location for your office, as it is already separated from the home and provides a large space to accommodate guests. If your garage lacks an exterior door, consider adding one to create a dedicated office entrance.

Have Good Lighting

As reported by Andrew Jensen, dim lighting is a common culprit for eye strain and headaches. Additionally, it creates an unwelcoming environment during client meetings. A simple solution to overcome bad lighting is to allow plenty of natural light to enter your office. If your home office lacks big windows, hire a contractor to install one. Additionally, you could consider installing glass doors and skylights.

When it comes to light fixtures, opt for installing ambient lighting i.e. lamps with shades rather than working directly under harsh overhead lights. These will help overcome the issue of having a glare on your screen during video calls and create a pleasant office environment for client visits.

Invest in Comfortable Furniture

Given that you will be spending most of your time working in the office, having a couple of plastic chairs and stools is not going to cut it. Instead, invest in furniture that provides you and your clients the comfort and support needed to work long hours without having to deal with back and neck pain. This can include:

  • Ergonomic chairs with neck, arms, and lumbar support.

  • A cushioned sofa or couch

  • A coffee table

Personalize The Space

A home office will serve as a reflection of your business and personality, hence take the time to decorate the space and make it your own. Consider hanging a painting or a professional photograph of your city’s skyline on the wall behind your work desk. Not only will it serve as a great backdrop for video calls but is bound to impress any client visiting your office.

Additionally, don’t feel shy to use your office space for promoting your products. This can include placing branded coffee mugs on your desk, hanging flyers of your services on walls, creating gift baskets containing stationery, product samples for clients, and more. To make this promotion successful, use an online label maker to create an eye-catching label inspired by your brand colors and name.

Focus on Safety

While we have made major strides towards returning to normal, we are not quite done with the pandemic. Hence, keep the best interest of your clients and family in mind, including the following safety measures in your home office:

  • UV Lights for HVAC: As reported by Lincoln Tech, installing UV lights in your HVAC system can help rid your home of harmful bacteria and viruses. As they are installed inside the vents, one doesn’t need to worry about any problems due to exposure to the light.

  • Air Purifier: The best compliment to your UV light is to buy a HEPA-certified air purifier. As the name suggests, this gadget will purify the air of toxins, dust, and other harmful particles.

While in-person visits are important to create rapport with new clients and negotiate contracts, you can reduce the need for subsequent meetings by using appropriate software, which includes:

  • Using invoicing software to send clients invoices via mail and encourage them to make payments digitally.

  • Utilizing video conferencing tools to provide clients updates regarding their projects, clarify concerns or receive testimonials.

By implementing these steps, you'll create the perfect home office providing you a balance between comfort and professionalism.

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