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Automatic Gate

(Ends February 28th 2020 .)

Automatic Gates Installed

Slide - 6' Tall - $4000 / 8' Tall - $5000
* 20' wide with cedar pickets
* 2" Square Tubing Metal Frame, Metal or Painted Black
* V-Grove Track
* 4 x 4 Metal Support Posts w/ 6 inch Hard Rubber Rollers
* Infrared Security Photocell Sensor Automatic Gate Opener
* 2 Remote Controls
















Swing - $3600
* 6' tall, 10' - 12' wide wrought iron - Flat top or Arch
* Automatic Gate Opener Kit
* 4 x 4 Metal Mounting Posts
* Solar Package
* 2 Remote controls
















2 and 3 year protection plans $42.00 - $57.99

* For hard wired electrical: you provide electrical run to motor, we can provide electrician, however it will be marked up. So this is your way to save on the electrician.





Western Red Cedar - vs - Douglas Fir

Cedar - 6' Tall, side by side, metal posts, concrete mix, trim and 2 gates. $30.00 per foot   (100 linear feet of fence minimum, ends Feb 28th , 2020.)

Cedar - 8' Tall, side by side, metal posts, concrete mix, trim and 2 gates. $40.00 per foot   (100 linear feet of fence minimum, ends Feb 28th , 2020.)

Japanese Cedar Fencing Boards

Not to be confused with Chinese cedar or Incense cedar, Japanese cedar is an extremely special and highly regarded fencing material. Japanese cedar has countless benefits, including being durable, affordable, beautiful, and sustainable. If there is any question about which material to use for fencing, Japanese cedar is a perfect option to choose.

Used for centuries in Japanese construction work and exterior architecture, Japanese cedar is exceedingly durable. It is waterproof and contains tannins within the wood to help it withstand bugs, rot, decay, and much more. Not only that, but Japanese cedar is kiln dried, which helps stabilize the wood as well as limit split boards and end checks.

Moreover, Japanese cedar is incomparably beautiful. With a similar appearance to the wonderful Giant Sequoia, Japanese cedar is known for its exquisite reddish-pink color. It is lightweight, yet still manages to be sturdy. Furthermore, Japanese cedar is unique for its pleasant fragrance.

If high-standard beauty and durability isn’t enough, Japanese cedar also costs less than other woods and is considered more cost-effective compared to other types of fencing.

Japanese cedar fencing comes in two options: Flat Top and Dog Ear.